Gone are the days when we used to hold big and heavy mobiles to talk. The other few things we used to are browsing the internet, send some E-mails, and sometimes play some games. Nowadays, smartphones have replaced Motorola or even Nokia. They appear to be beautiful, but the amount of data consumed by them is unimaginable. In other words, they use up huge  amounts of data. So it is advisable to have an unlimited data plan for our mobile. This is the reason that compelled the network providers to give unlimited data package for the consumers to cope up with the change.

 All UK data network companies like EE, O2, Vodafone, etc. have several plans tailor made to suit your various requirements of  consumers. But, they are totally against the concept of the unlimited Data plan. Even though it is difficult, it is not totally an alien concept. There are (only a few) service providers who have unlimited data to satisfy those who use  huge amounts of data to do their job efficiently. They are three and GiffGaff companies that provide unlimited data plan.  All other networks allure customers by giving huge allowances, though they don’t have an unlimited data offer.

Why it pays to use an unlimited data contract?

Three  offers both 3G as well as 4G unlimited data plans to its customers. There are SIM only plans and Apple + 4G connection as well. It provides an unlimited data usage directly from your phone. If you look at the unlimited data plan of three, there is a restriction on  using an unrestricted data connection to a limit of 1000 GB. This otherwise means that you should not  use beyond the above- mentioned limit.

 On the flip side, if you look at the advantages of this connection, they outweigh the only negative it has. It will cost you somewhere from 23 pounds to 33 pounds. The”all you can eat”  plans are wonderful because you will pay only a little more for this. You would have to pay only 3 pounds extra to get this fabulous plan. Get this deal and browse 24X7! For Apple+ 4G connection, you have to shell out 52 pounds for a month. You have to make an advance payment of 24.99 pounds! But sounds like a deal because you don’t have to search for a laptop for checking your emails or to listen to a sweet song! You can now sit in your car or even a public transport and use the internet.

Another company which provides unlimited data plan is GiffGaff.  For a mere amount of 20 pounds a month, you get data ” always on” plan,  unlimited for 30 days.  For getting this connection all you have to do is to pay only 20 pounds.

In short, having an unlimited data plan is always wise because you don’t have to  a slim your wallet by paying a huge amount of money. Of late, the need of the internet for everyone including kids has increased. Paying less for a big deal sounds absolutely great. In spite of the fact that these two companies provide unlimited data connection, in reality, there will be some sort of a limitation or restriction regarding the amount of data you can use. It is good to know about the deals completely before getting a Data contract.

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