How to transfer all data between an old phone to a new phone EASILY

transfer all data between an old phone to a new phone EASILY

The paradigm of change leads to the restraining of many users, and in the world of smartphones this is especially seen when the change refers to the exchange of operating system and data transfer phone to phone, such as iOS to Android. Among the many doubts and issues lies the (im) possibility of retrieving apps and content. This is perhaps the most important point of this subject and the one we will focus on.

It is likely that many of our readers will know the Samsung Smart Switch. Freeware application that allows you to transfer files from any smartphone platform like Apple, Nokia Symbian or any Android phone to a Samsung smartphone. However, the major flaw of this software is that it only allows you to transfer files from a smartphone to the Samsung device, not vice versa. But what if the user wants this change to, for example, an iPhone 5s or higher. Do not worry; today we present a very reliable alternative to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

dr.fone – Switch, the multifunctional tool

The dr.fone – Switch promises to make a difference right away. We may be surprised, but when we run the application it is possible to immediately understand that we have a powerful and unique tool ahead. Soon we realize that with this program, the phone exchange works perfectly for more than 6000 smartphones and tablets, which includes Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Sony, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, ZTE and more. With the dr.fone – Switch it does not matter if our device is provided by an operator or if it is unlocked, because its contents will always be transferred successfully.

Installation and operation

In order to access the dr.fone – Switch and all its advantages, we have to download the base application that can be made from this link available for both Windows and Mac. Once installed, run the application and we should choose the SWITCH menu to jump to the functions that interest us. So far so easy:

To note, we will be confronted with an automatic menu that asks us to activate the DEBUG of our smartphone, in the case of Android. In this window we will see a great majority of the brands present in the market simply by clicking on the brand of our smartphone:

And the template to see how to enable debugging:

Very simple. Repeat the same process for the second smartphone where we want to transfer our information:

Once activated, we can proceed with the transfer process between smartphones.

From this point there is not much else to say. Just look at the menu of the options we want to transfer and choose:

– Contacts

– Text messaging
– Calendar
– Call logs
– Photos
– My Account
– Videos
– Apps
– and Apps information.

It looks simple and in fact is really simple, available to both advanced and less experienced users:

Then, in the final step, you just need to click “START TRANSFER”.

For users who still have questions, just install dr.fone – Switch and run the test version to check its effectiveness.

Content compatibility to be transferred

Of course, at this time, users who find the usefulness and necessity of this software ask a pertinent question: but all content is transferred, no matter what operating systems used?

It is easy to understand that the compatibility is very large and with a high success rate.

Turning something that seems like a big problem, like transferring our content from one smartphone to another, especially between different systems is something that is not within reach of everything.

The dr.fone – Switch is a true and functional alternative that (in 1 click) transfers our most important information and leaves us ready to “go our way” with our latest smartphone.

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