Double Lead Conversions with SMS Marketing for Your Business!

SMS Marketing

If you have not embraced SMS marketing for your business as yet, you are missing out on a lot of unique lead conversion opportunities. SMS marketing has more benefits over email marketing, and this is why it is popular in the market. Experts say that if you are not using SMS marketing for your business, you will not get the competitive edge in the market. There are several other benefits of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is not considered spam

There is a deep misconception when it comes to SMS marketing. Most business owners consider SMS marketing to be spam. This is not true. SMS marketing is based on the principle of permissible marketing. Your customers will opt for this form of marketing, and so it is not considered spam. Customers that subscribe to your SMS list will give their consent to receive text messages from you. This consent can be provided to you in three ways. New customers can opt for your SMS list via a web widget, and they can add their respective cell phone numbers to sign up in a form or send you a text for joining later.

The latter form of joining your SMS list is more common.  Once the new customer has subscribed to your SMS list, they will receive an auto-reply that they have subscribed to your list. In case, the choice to join your text messaging list was an accidental one; the subscriber will have the option to STOP the text messages sent to them. All SMS texts from your end will instantly stop being delivered to the recipient.

Experts in marketing and promotion lay down that almost 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 seconds of receipt. This means that the possibility of lead conversions increases when you send SMS texts for promotions. Another benefit of SMS text messaging is that the limited number of characters makes it simple for business owners to get down to the point. This makes it simple for the consumer to understand the promotion and offer faster.

The average recipient does not have the time nor the inclination to read a long sales message. With the help of SMS marketing, you can be to-the-point and precise. SMS marketing works the best when you include a link for call-to-action in the message. This call to action can be phone number or a website URL that prompts the consumer to click here and complete the desired action.

Create a professional and error-free message

When you are sending text messages to the targeted audience, ensure the message you create is free from errors. The message should not contain any abbreviations as it brings down the professionalism of the message. When you are focusing on SMS marketing, you need to choose the right keyword. This keyword must be a short phrase or word that consumers will find relevant with your business.

Shortcode for SMS marketing

Most business owners resort to a short code for their consumers to subscribe to them. This shortcode is easy for them to remember. The code becomes more effective if you share it on all your business correspondence with the customer. You may use the shortcode on your website, fliers, newsletters and more. The shortcode must be simple so that once your customer sees it, they easily remember it to type into their phones.

When you are choosing a keyword for SMS marketing ensure it is relevant for your business. For instance, if your business deals with “dog doors,” you can use the keyword “pet doors.”

Sign up with the right SMS marketing service provider

Once you have finally decided on a keyword, the next step would be to sign up with an experienced SMS marketing service provider. If you check the market today, you will find there are many service providers ready to help you with the SMS marketing campaigns. Therefore, you must conduct research and choose a good service provider when you are looking for a good company.

Check and see whether they have the keyword available

When you speak with the professional SMS marketing companies, ask them if your keyword is available. Remember, the phrase or the keyword you choose is unique for every business in the industry niche. There is a high possibility that your keyword is being used by some other competitor in the market.

Look out for customer support

When you are looking for a professional and skilled SMS marketing company, ensure the professionals provide you with customer support round-the-clock. The last thing you want is trying to call a number but not getting through to them. The biggest problems that your customer faces is talking to an IVR machine and not getting through to anyone. In most cases, consumers leave you if you do not provide them with sufficient customer support.

Check the technology of the company before you hire them for your SMS marketing needs

When you are talking to companies, ask them questions about the technology they use when it comes to the management of your SMS marketing campaigns. Check and see that your company does not use email technology when it comes to SMS marketing campaigns. If the company uses email technology for sending SMS marketing campaigns, it generally makes your messages run through spam filters. There is a drawback of such technology- the message might not make it to your customers on time. Experts say when you are looking for SMS marketing companies, make sure you check the technology of the company before you decide to hire them for your promotional needs.

Last but not least, when you are searching for a good SMS marketing campaign, make sure that their website is simple for you to navigate and read. Check their online customer reviews and customer testimonials. Once you are satisfied with an SMS service provider, sign up with an appropriate plan or package affordable for your needs and budget. In this way, you effectively can create a winning SMS marketing strategy and reach out to your targeted audience with success!

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