Cloud Based Time Tracking Application

Cloud Based Time Tracking Application

Hubstaff timetracker is a web-based employee and freelance time tracking software with GPS, Screenshot, Payroll and automatic invoicing among other useful features. Currently, more than ten thousand businesses and companies are using it to track their workforce productivity and manage timely completion of every task leading up to completion of projects.

How does Hubstaff timetracker work?

Hubstaff is web based time tracking solution that also requires installation of a light desktop client app or a chrome app or even mobile app to access the API. The app is feature rich and pretty easy to use with many functional options and settings to customize for use by almost any line of business. Creating new tasks requires logging in on the web dashboard and then all changes are synced with all stations elsewhere. With a stable internet connection, you can keep an eye on things from across the globe provided the app stays installed and running correctly on all work computers.

This software will generate automatic time sheets and real time reports on activity of each and every employee so it is clear who is doing what and the hours put to good use. The software requires that you inform your employees that you will be monitoring their activities on their work stations. The said monitoring happens by reading screenshot, keystrokes and mouse movement data as well as web page tracking to investigate what sites users spend the most time on.

Why use Hubstaff time tracking software

Unlike the traditional spy software for employees, time tracker relies on employee input data. Employees know they are on the clock and they are actively being monitored which heightens time consciousness and productivity. As a result, this app will enhance trust between you the employer and employees rather than ruin that.

With timely reports on the dashboard, you can now make informed executive decisions based on performance data and allocate more resources where they are most needed to complete all tasks at hand synergistically. This also means high quality output with longer lasting results for clients. Proof of hours going into every task will earn your company trust and confidence from customers.

That it is cloud based makes Hubstaff a traveler friendly package that allows users to view activity logs from anywhere in the world. Even in the absence of on-site supervision, team members are able to adhere to self-supervision and keep office hours productive.

Crating new tasks can be done on the fly with the online platform being the central command. This app has the ability to keep things moving around the clock if you are coordinating teams from across the globe. Furthermore, it helps account for each and every hour that you are paying for in terms of labor and ensures profitable use of company time.

Those looking for time tracking software understand that time is of greater importance than any other asset of any business. Time is money for your business, your employees and clients. So when you are looking to boost your income and grow your business, accounting for time with Hubstaff timetracker is a good place to start.

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